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The workbook "FORGIVENESS: A NEW STORY" is presented in 17 units with explanations, stories, and journaling opportunites. The workbook includes the definition of forgiveness and the process of forgiving. First, the workbook helps hurting people understand what forgiveness is and what it is not. This is important because many people practice some kinds of false forgiveness. Then workbook guides people in the practice of the 4 phases of the forgiveness process. Topics such as anger, resentment, shame, intrusive memories (Uncovering Phase), deciding and comitting to forgiveness (Decision Phase), working through the pain, reframing the injurer, giving the gifts of forgiveness (Work Phase), finding release, meaning, and new purpose (Discovery Phase) are covered.  The forgiveness workbook is available in two versions; one written for women who formerly experienced spousal abuse (and now are safely out of the abusive relationship) and one for people who have experienced a traumatic divorce.

Why Forgiveness?
What is Emotional Abuse?
Forgiveness after Abuse
Research Outcomes
Case Study
What is a Forgiveness
Recovery Program?

Forgiveness Workbook
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