What is a Forgiveness Recovery Program?      

The Forgiveness Recovery Program includes both contact with a forgiveness coach (Dr. Gayle L Reed) and a Forgiveness Workbook.  The coaching contact can be in one of three modes: in-person individual sessions, in-person group sessions, or email sessions. The Forgiveness Workbook is a guide to the definition of forgiveness and the process of forgiving. The workbook and coaching help hurting people understand what forgiveness is and what it is not. The Forgiveness Workbook also guides people in the practice of the 4 phases of the forgiveness process: Uncovering the Injury, Deciding to Forgive, Working on Forgiving, Discovering the Benefits of Forgiving.

Individualized Programs
Each person (whether in an individual, group, or email setting) decides the amount of time spent on the definition of forgiveness and each aspect of the forgiveness process....when it is time to go ahead....when it is time to go back and review. Authentic forgiveness is freely chosen and your decisions about how soon and how much you work on any part of the forgiveness recovery program are always respected.

Why Forgiveness?
What is Emotional Abuse?
Forgiveness after Abuse
Research Outcomes
Case Study
What is a Forgiveness
Recovery Program?

Forgiveness Workbook
Client Version
Professional Version
Who Might Benefit?

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