What is Emotional Abuse?      

Emotional abuse is a painful betrayal of trust leading to serious psychological outcomes for the abused partner such as depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. An emotionally abusive spouse or romantic partner acts negatively with the intent of causing emotional pain to the other spouse and establishing an unequal distribution of power in the relationship. Research has found a significant negative impact of emotional abuse that is unique and independent of the impact of physical battery. Emotional abuse can take a number of forms. Take the survey below to see if you have experienced emotional abuse.

Emotional Abuse Survey

Did your former spouse or romantic partner?

Criticize: insist that your behavior would never live up to his/her expectations?

Ridicule: tell you that you are stupid, worthless, or no good? show disgust for your good qualitites?

Jealous Control: unfairly control and monitor your relationships with others dictate clothing, outings, or other personal choices?

Purposeful Ignoring: ignore or ridicule needs when you are tired, sick, or over-worked?

Threaten Abandonment: threaten to leave, divorce, or have an affair?

Threaten Personal Harm: threaten physical harm to you or people important to you?

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