Who Might Benefit?      

Individuals Hurt by Abuse or Divorce
Women or men who have experienced abuse in a marriage or romantic partnership and who have been permanently separated from their abusive partner for one or more years, and who are safe from any further abuse from that partner. Men and women who have been divorced (due to a betrayal of trust by the other partner such as infidelity) for one or more years.

Counselors, psychologists, social workers, nurses
Those in the helping professions who work with individuals who have been deeply and unjustly hurt by spousal abuse or divorce can benefit from an understanding of the forgiveness process and forgiveness research outcomes. Forgiveness therapy can be a powerful addition to other psychotherapeutic strategies.

Clergy, pastoral counselors
Clergy and pastoral counselors are key supports for individuals who experience the deep and unfair hurt of spousal abuse or divorce. The psychological and spiritual aspects of forgiveness can be taught and encouraged in a complementary way. An understanding of the psychology of forgiveness and forgiveness research outcomes can aid pastoral caregivers in promoting both psychological health and spiritual growth for congregation members.

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What is Emotional Abuse?
Forgiveness after Abuse
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Who Might Benefit?

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