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FORGIVENESS RECOVERY PROGRAMS  Dr. Gayle L. Reed's research on forgiveness has demonstrated that a forgiveness recovery program resulted in psychological benefits for women with a history of emotional abuse by a spouse or romantic partner. A second study revealed an association between forgiveness levels and psychological health for people divorced due to infidelity. Gayle Reed received a PhD from the University of Wisconsin in Educational Psychology. During her work at the University of Wisconsin, Gayle participated in Moral Development of Forgiveness Research Program under the auspices of Dr. Robert Enright. Gayle currently teaches "The Psychology of Interpersonal Forgiveness" at the University of Wisconsin Extension and has an ongoing practice of forgiveness psychology workshops and individual forgiveness recovery consultation. Gayle recently gave a conference presentation on forgiveness therapy for CAPS International. Dr. Reed will soon offer a new course: "The Integration of Interpersonal Forgiveness and Worldview" for New College Madison

Gayle Reed and one of her research participants who benefited from forgiveness recovery therapy made an apearance together on the Jane Pauley Show. A video clip is available on our Media page.

Look for an article on research with emotionally-abused women and forgiveness therapy by Dr. Reed in the October 2006 issue of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

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